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We know that your place of business represents the quality of you company, that's why we endeavour to keep your environment looking spotless and efficient so that your clients will take notice.


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For commercial cleaners in Auckland, one of the best solutions is forthrightly named Commercial Cleaning 1994 Ltd has been at it for over twenty years, and is entirely concerned with being able to offer service of the highest quality.  But service isn't service without a personal touch, and that's Commercial Cleaning 1994 Ltd’s calling card.  Larger the companies get, the more impersonal and robotic they become, subjecting clients and workers alike to a cavalcade of bureaucratic treatments that definitely diminish services.  They've lost that "personal touch"; but Commercial Cleaning 1994 Ltd has not.  Security consciousness is a tenant of Commercial Cleaning 1994 Ltd’s.  Many commercial interests come with extreme responsibility, and that is well taken into consideration here.  A place of business is often a reflection of a company's quality.  They say cleanliness is next to Godliness, and Commercial Cleaning 1994 Ltd wants to get you as close to that as possible.

Commercial Cleaning 1994 Ltd. offers a wide range of cleaning services in Auckland: from domestic house cleaning to factory cleaning, office cleaning, retail stores, rubbish removal, window cleaning, water-blasting--and of great variety; including drives paths and entrances--lawns and edges, after party cleanups, relocation cleaning for old and new premises, steam cleaning of toilets, bathrooms, and anywhere such service may be required, and vinyl floor maintenance including buffering, stripping or re-polishing.  Furthermore, all of these extensive services are available either on contract, casually, or on a single-serving basis with no requirement for future cleaning services.
Commercial cleaners in Auckland often come from larger operations that just don't have the flexibility or range of available services--and especially don't have that personal touch--that Commercial Cleaning 1994 Ltd. brings to the table.  For cogent cleaning solutions of myriad application, affordable pricing, and directly personable service, Commercial Cleaning 1994 Ltd. was founded specifically to deliver.