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About Us

Andrew ChingCommercial Cleaning 1994 Ltd is one of the most successful players in the cleaning industry in Auckland New Zealand. It was founded in the year 1994 by its sole proprietor Andrew Ching.

Commercial Cleaning 1994 Ltd is more than just a mere cleaning services provider, the company has grown to expand its borders. This has been made achievable by the executive touch that we accord to each and every one of our customers and the 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We have also embraced green-technology in our services due to our passion for the environment and the sensitivity of pollution as a global concern. Thus, we also use ECO-logo materials and green cleaning methods in a good number of our services.
We offer quality cleaning services in nearly all areas including; educational classrooms, post-construction cleanups, offices, hospitals, medical labs and many more as per your request. Our services are also round-the-clock and, as such, you may wish to have the cleaning done any time including night-time by simply making a booking for this.

Having a vast experience in the industry, we believe in service-delivery and many are times when our customers call just to give a word of appreciation. This has further been enhanced by our personalized care and security to our clients. This is what has enabled us to excel to who we are today.

Winning the hearts and loyalty doesn’t come easy, it takes hard work and trust-worthiness, which we have managed. It is from this and our more than 20 year’s experience, that we believe we can offer to you the highest attainable standards of excellence. Contact us today.