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Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd. is an Auckland-based cleaning service founded in 1994 and in regular provision of top-tier, professional service with a personal touch. Perhaps, it's time for you to sell your home, and you're looking to present the space with its best foot forward. There's a lot of dirty work that goes into refurbishing a home that's been lived in. Things like steam cleaning of bathrooms and toilets are difficult to surrogate without some kind of cleaning service. The same goes for pathways drives and entrances. Your hose is not nearly so effective at water-blasting services as a professional cleaning business will be! And what about vinyl? It needs to be re-polished, it needs to be stripped, it needs to be buffed--are you really going to do all that, or just throw down a mop, sweat a little and call it good? Where is your motivation? The fact is, if you're not getting directly paid, you likely won't have the same motivation as a professional cleaning service will. We Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd. do all the above-mentioned services, and will do a better job than you have the capability of doing with the tools available to you. We'll save you time. We mow lawns, trim edges, and work flexibly with all clients in order to fulfill their needs as completely as possible.

In Auckland are many solutions for cleaning services, but Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd. doesn't have the detriment of heavy bureaucracy pinning them to the ground. Rather, we will conform our services to fit your needs, and that's really one of the most fundamentally important aspects of any service, be it cleaning or otherwise. For experienced, affordable, flexible, personal service, Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd. is a top tier provider and a well-regarded organisation. Contact us for quality cleaning.


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