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Commercial Cleaning 1994 Ltd. has been in operation throughout the Auckland area since 1994. Our services are tailored to suit your specific requirements whether it be your commercial work premises or your residential home.

With extra options, like steam cleaning for bathrooms and toilets, window cleaning, waterblasting for drives, paths, and entrances, and even vinyl floor maintenance (including stripping, re-polishing, and general buffing), Commercial Cleaning 1994 Ltd provides the complete package, and does so with adept professionalism.

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Steam Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services Ltd. has been in operation throughout the Auckland area since 1994. One of their most well appreciated cleaning operations is called "steam cleaning".

What happens is that a natural element--water in this case--is used in order to facilitate an exceptionally efficient, powerful methodology of sterilization and cleaning for a domestic residence or place of business. Where this service is most effectively utilized is the restroom. Showers, bathrooms, tubs, toilets; steam cleaning is really the best way to both naturally clean and sterilize.

There are some environmental benefits to a solid steam cleaning session as well. Firstly, there are no residues of any chemical which may conventionally reside on surfaces. Furthermore, heated steam is effective at killing prolific toilet bacteria, like salmonella, e-coli, or the poetically named but conceptually terrible listeria. Also, showerheads, grout, tiling, shower...

Vinyl Floors

Commercial Cleaning 1994 Ltd specializes in vinyl floor maintenance services. This includes stripping back old polish – while reapplying new coats to bring out the vibrancy of your vinyl floors. If your vinyl floors are looking tired and worn out, we have the tools to make your floor look like new again. We also offer weekly and monthly maintenance programs with professional buffing services.

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Window Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning 1994 Ltd. is committed to excellence in all commercial and residential window cleaning services. Since 1994, we have serviced the Greater Auckland area with timely and effective window cleaning and enhancements. This includes new and existing homes, along with retail establishments, schools, houses of worship, warehouses, and more.

We have also invested in PURE WATER EXTERIOR WINDOW CLEANING. With Pure Water Window Cleaning, we use a high-tech water filtration system which softens the water by removing all solids, thus allowing us to clean your windows with the purist of water which dry’s spot and streak free! Unlike the conventional squeegee method on a pole which can still leave runs and streaks.

With a carbon fibre pole and specialized brush, we can clean high window frames and glass more efficiently. We have the tools and expertise to...

Lawn Mowing

Whether it’s your commercial premises or your home residence We at Commercial Cleaning 1994 Ltd also like to focus on your outward appearance, and lawn mowing is another of our services. We can also trim edges, clear your paths, drives or car parks by air blowing rubbish and leaves etc to a collection point, where it can be picked up and disposed of.

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Water Blasting

Another of the outward appearance jobs we at Commercial Cleaning 1994 Ltd offer is water blasting. Whether it be your business premises or home residence your drives and paths do tend to get tired and dirty looking, and in winter can turn black, green and slippery. This does not only look ugly and uninviting, but can also be dangerous and slippery. By water blasting we can instantly refresh those concrete surfaces, and once refreshed we can also treat those surfaces to help prevent the return of moss and mold.

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Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning 1994 Ltd also provide carpet cleaning services. We initially started our carpet cleaning service in homes and flats, but now clean wherever needed due to demand from current business clients who tend to have a lot of accidental spills.

Carpet cleaning not only removes most stains but also freshens and brightens the look of your carpets.

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Having a vast experience in the cleaning industry, we believe in service-delivery and many are times when our customers leave a note or call just to give a word of appreciation. This has further been enhanced by our personalized care and security to our clients. This is what has enabled us to excel to who we are today.

Winning hearts and loyalty doesn’t come easy. We have clients who have been with us for over 18 years whom we have a great working relationship with. It is from this and our more than 20 years’ experience, that we believe we can offer to you the highest attainable standards of excellence. Contact us today.

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Valuable Feedback from our Customers

Thanks so much Andrew and all your good people for being there for us whenever we needed a house cleaning. You are good people and we wish you all the best in the future.


A big thank-you for your excellent service. Thanks for the wonderful job Andrew did, cleaning my office and the windows. He did a terrific job & it all looks brand new. It was a pleasure having him in my home. I will highly recommend your company to anyone needing your services.

Mark Albert

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